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Hello and welcome to my blog, my name is Lena and I work as an escort in London. Many people think that this is a sleazy job and something to be embarrassed about, but in reality, it really is a great life for me, offering me riches beyond what I ever expected, the company of polite and respectful men and opportunities to visit some of the most exclusive places, events and locations in the whole of London, something that me, as a provincial English girl would never have got without the opportunities that escort work presents me.


I was brought up in Hertfordshire, near to Watford and went to a run of the mill British comprehensive school. At school I was nothing special, I really lacked confidence and I was a bit of a late developer. This all changed when I left home and moved to London for university. At first I was intending to stay at home and commute as I had no conception as to what University life was all about. This changed quickly when I started to socialize with college mates, I really then got into what being at university and I guess growing up was all about. It was at this time that I discovered sex, not just with guys, but girls as well, you see I am fully bisexual and get as much pleasure from women as I do men, in fact, maybe I get even more!

London escort

At this point I moved into London and it was also at this point that I realized that a girl needs money to have a good time. I tried bar work, did some part time work in a shop and even held one of those signs up offering to buy gold (never again with that one!) but my life really changed when I was offered some promotional work for a night club. What that meant was that I needed to wear as little as possible and still remain legal and flirt with guys who I was to try and get to spend money in the club.

This was work that I loved, I loved flirting and I loved looking sexy, and I noticed that I was getting loads of offers from guys who wanted to pay me to do all sorts of things! I always turned them down, not because the idea of being paid for sexual favors appalled me, in fact I found it a bit of a turn on, but because I really loved my job and didn’t want to get the sack!

But every night (or early morning in fact) I found myself getting home and feeling so hot and horny thinking about the offers I had been made and the fun that it may present me with so I decided to bite the bullet and do something about it. I went on line and sought out a local escort agency, and found that their were loads. I contacted one that looked good and arranged to meet a girl called Carol who looked after the girls and wanted to talk to me about all that escorting entailed.

I turned up for the meeting and met Carol, she was great and we warmed to each other almost immediately. She discussed what escorting was all about and I told her what I did and how I was always being propositioned. She said she thought I was ideal for the business and we arranged to meet the following evening so that I could get my portfolio prepared.

So that is how I became a London escort, next time I will tell you about my first few days in the trade and what happened to me as I started out.